In the Potter's hands


When I woke up this morning I had the refrain of a song playing on "repeat mode" in my mind.  "Abba! O Abba Father". That's all I could hear, music and all. I recognized the song, although I have not heard it in a while. Mid-morning I go to the iTunes' store to look for another song and what's the first thing I see for sale? This same song, performed by John Michael Talbot.  God is trying to give me a message and He knows I may not listen. So he leaves big, flashy clues everywhere for me. It appears that the Old Man (said in the most affectionate and respectful way) even has an iTunes account!

The message is obvious, but not an easy one to live for someone who makes a living planning, controlling, and avoiding risks. I see an opportunity for spiritual growth! "Let go of control, listen to my whisper, allow me to mold you into what I need you to become, into what you were meant to be. Follow my will."

The clay doesn't fight the potter with pre-determined ideas of what it is supposed to be. The potter doesn't force into the clay a shape and size that its material quality and volume can't handle. The potter gives shape to what the clay was meant to be all along. Is this what we mean by grace? The final product serves the potter and the world through beauty and utility.

Here are the lyrics of the song, which can be said as a prayer:

Abba! O Abba Father
You are the potter
And we are the clay,
The work of your hands
Mold us mold us and
Fashion us,
Into the image,
Of Jesus your Son
Of Jesus your Son.

Father, may we be one in you,
May we be one in you,
As He is in You,
And You are in Him.

Glory, glory and praise to thee
Glory and praise to thee
Forever amen....
Forever amen....
Forever amen

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"In the Potter's hands" by Steve Abbott