Did I just get a heavenly nudge to keep blogging?

I woke up last night around 3AM, half asleep/half awake, with the words “prostrated in front of your altar oh Lord, and not looking back” playing over and over. I knew they were from a church song in Spanish because I could “hear” the melody, but no other words. When I woke up I tried to remember the name of this song or any other words but I couldn’t. I have not heard this song in probably 20 years.

Google came to the rescue and after a couple of clicks I found it. It’s called “Amarte solo a ti” (To love only you). The words of the song say things like “To love only you Lord and not look back”, “To walk with you Lord, without fainting, prostrated in front of your altar and not look back.” The melody of the song is also beautiful. It’s a nice communion song. 

Interesting. “To walk with you Lord” and the name of the blog is “Walking humbly with God”. I’ll say yes to the nudge and to keep walking and writing. And not looking back...