Moved by the growing faith in children

Today I was moved several times by seeing the faith growing in children. The first example happened during our catechism class this morning. We showed the movie about the apparition of Our Lady of Fatima. The kids were moved by seeing God, working through Mary, visibly acting on Earth and helping the people of Portugal and the world grow in faith and devotion. The kids could relate to the awesome experience that children their age had, but also to the fear and suffering they experienced. They could not wait to tell their parents about what they learned. Then outside the class room a wonderful 12 year old and her mother were asking me about what Bible she should get because she is hungry to read the Bible. Isn't that fantastic? She is craving to read the word of God. I suggested the Catholic Youth Bible, which is outstanding. 

Finally, on our way to the car we met three teenagers that belong to the church's youth group. They were selling delicious soup they made (they made it!) in order to raise funds for their group. Why? So they could attend a retreat. This group of happy and engaged teenagers meet every Friday at 6PM. In a world with so many "lost souls" and apathetic teenagers, my wife and I were moved to see teenagers that love God and love spending time increasing their understanding and strengthening their fait. We, of course, bought soup and told them they could keep the change! All encounters filled me with joy.